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Party Venues in San Diego

A cocktail is one of the most popular parties ever. It is a standing celebration, in which the guests are free to go through all the available spaces. When these activities are organized, is to present a book, a product, a company, or for a special occasion such as an acknowledgment or an anniversary. They are usually events attended by a large number of people.

PARQ Event Center is the best of party venues in San Diego, offering guests unforgettable experiences. If you want to organize this type of activities, it is essential that you take in mind the most vital aspects.

The Hour of the Celebration

For gala celebrations, it is best to organize it for the night. According to the occasion and if the facilities allow it, the party can be until late at night. For example, PARQ has excellent facilities to make the party beautiful and forever, set by the incredible sound and light system designed by Stephen Lieberman.

These events can also be during daytime hours, according to the organizers and their objectives. In these cases, there is often a small preliminary act before making the toast.

The Reception

The usual is that someone receives the guests at the door of the celebration. For this, there are different formats, such as hiring a group of hostesses. If there are personalities invited to a corporate event, for example, they must be received by the significant staff of the organization, such as top management. The reception committee remains to wait for all the guests to arrive, at least the most relevant ones.

The Catering

As it is a standing party, the star is usually drinking. For this, you should think of a good selection of wines, as well as some strong drinks and of course, delicious cocktails.

Regarding the food, the idea is that the guest does not get complicated. The food must fit in one hand while holding they drink with the other. That is why your selection should go to cheeses, canapes and all kinds of snacks. PARQ has an excellent variety of options for your guests to enjoy while celebrating.


The usual is that enough waiters are circulating among the guests delivering both food and drinks. It is crucial that you calculate the ratio between guests and waiters very well so that your guests have enough food and drink throughout the celebration. If you have any doubts regarding this calculation, do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly advise you.

There are usually not many tables during the celebration of these activities. However, it would not be wrong a couple of them, so that the guests come and select the food they want. It is also essential that the place you choose has an excellent bar that helps provide a pleasant experience.

If the event agency has screens, these can be useful to project images of your corporate image, or in any case allusive to the purpose of the celebration. PARQ has an excellent LED video system that will help you perfectly to fulfill this purpose.

We Are the Best of the Party Venues in San Diego

If you are ready to give your guests a wonderful experience in our city, the team of professionals at PARQ Event Center will be happy to assist you. In addition to having beautiful facilities, with different themes and purposes, we offer best-added value services in the region to make your party a unique experience. Contact us.