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Within the different strategies of marketing and corporative image of a company, are the corporate events. You can design this type of activities with a variety of objectives, but if you succeed in the realization of your meeting, the effects by definition that you achieve are brand strengthening, and mind-awareness increasing, whether at the level of employees, suppliers or customers.

If you are thinking of holding a corporate event in San Diego soon, it is essential that you know the essence of them, and allow PARQ Event Center, the best of San Diego event venues to assist you so that you and your guests enjoy an unparalleled experience In this city.

What is a Corporate Event For?

Companies always celebrate this type of activity as part of a strategy that fulfills some objective of marketing, sales or corporate image. These are the main applications of them:

  • Present or give publicity to a product, idea, service, or to the same company.
  • Capture customers or increase current customers’ loyalty.
  • Create a better brand experience.
  • Increase the integration of employees with the company.
  • Increase sales.
  • Celebrate achievements or events, such as an anniversary.
  • Activities related to the social work of the organization.
  • Add value to the brand through personalities and influencers.

What Kind of Corporate Events Can You Perform?


These activities are carried out to train employees, in a specific subject, whether in the upstream knowledge of products, operation or services of the company. Usually, they are different interactive activities that are carried out between the experts and the assistants. They typically last 4 hours and can be part of a larger event. It can be organized by an events agency such as PARQ, in work with the Human Resources department.


In this activity, the idea is to encourage the participation of attendees to give their opinion on a topic. Usually, there is a moderator who can lead the debate.

Launchings and Presentations

On these occasions, a new product or service that is going to come onto the market is presented to the media, employees, personalities, and customers. Guests may enjoy a bite of the new thing that comes, and almost always end with a toast or a cocktail.


They serve to gather guests related to an organization to exchange ideas and make decisions. The most common are held annually, for doctors, professionals, members of unions, among others.


In these meetings, knowledge about a specific topic is usually imparted. An expert in the subject is mostly invited to teach the guests. Often the press is also invited to publicize the brand.


In this type of activities, different people come to share experiences or present new projects. It is common that once a year certain critical people of a company meeting to evaluate if the objectives were met, and plan next year's activities.

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